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#9 32Vegas
#10 888.com

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32Red Review

Of all the casinos out there on the internet, 32Red is one of the easiest to spot. They have made their look and name a trademark that thousands of people known and recognize all over the world. They are still moving in the right direction, attracting throngs of people to their site each and every day with amazing bonus offers and complete gaming superiority.

Since 32Red has a strong connection with players and wants them to have the look and feel of live action they have aligned themselves with Microgaming. There are few software companies out there that can say that they have such a real gaming feel to their system.

Because they are using the Microgaming software platform they are fully able to offer more games and more action then other casinos of similar size. This means that the player is going to get more in the way of action and gaming with one single property.

32Red is a truly an amazing online casino. They have made sure that they are offering more in the way of games to endear themselves to a larger audience of players. While other casinos are limiting the amount of games that are in residence because of bandwidth concerns, 32Red has decided to add more and more each year.

This is all in compilation with the comprehensive bonus offers, top level support and great level of security that you can find with this casino. They take casino gambling very seriously and as such they are going to treat you to a positive gaming experience every time out.

For the new player 32Red has two sign up bonuses that are just amazing. First off you are going to get a 100% match bonus. So you are going to get the same amount that you deposit into your account from the casino. This is great for the new player that may not be skilled and may have some losses to cover in the early goings of the gaming experience.

Then you have the 100% slots bonus. Again, you will get a matched amount placed into your account based on what you are depositing. This is for slots only but that does not mean the fun is limited. Actually you can get all that you want in the way of fun, excitement and payouts from the many varieties of slots through 32Red.

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They are also well known for providing special occasion bonus offers. Around the holidays look for new and exciting coupons to roll out to make for the best time that you can have outside of a live action casino.

It is no surprise that 32Red is considered to be one of the most secure and safe casinos on the web right now. They have dedicated large amounts of money to their security systems to fully protect each and every player that is depositing with their company.

They have integrated a fully 128 bit SSL into their system. This completely encrypts the transactions that you are taking part in with the casino. No one can crack this with the speed of the transactions in the first place. You are completely safe when you add in your credit or debit card and even your bank account information.

More than 195 games grace the virtual floors of the 32Red casino. They have put together an amazing collection of slots, table games and even skill games that will appeal to a wide audience of gamblers from around the world. This shows that they are dedicated to producing the best place for players no matter what their desires.

Slots are a big deal for 32Red and they are always updating the slots to keep them fresh and exciting. You have a great selection of progressive games that will keep the action moving as well as real based virtual slots that give you the look and the feel of the live action casinos.

There is no better spot on the web for the Blackjack players either. With countless varieties of this popular card game a player can sit down to one of many tables and play until they have won all that they can.

Support has always been an ear mark of 32Red casino and they are showing no signs of stopping that. They have a comprehensive support system in place which includes email, telephone and even live chat. The live chat is the most popular feature which allows the player one on one attention from a representative.

Furthermore, if you are uncomfortable downloading from the internet a few simple words in an email will get you a CD in the mail. From this CD you can download the entire casino without virus worry.

32Red has earned the honor of being the "UK's favorite online casino" and they take that honor very seriously. There are no black marks on the record of this company and they have managed to produce some massive changes in the way that casinos behave over time.

All of this combined means that 32Red is sporting a top level reputation and they are continuing to produce the changes that are going to help them manage to be the best casino for more years to come.

Our Opinion
We strongly believe in all that is said about 32Red. They are one of the best properties on the web with the Microgaming software. They have managed to bring more to the table in a short period of time with the entire process of the online gambling then most of the casinos have done with their entire online presence.

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