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Casino Classic Review

Casino Classic has made a name for themselves in this tight industry with their strong customer appeal and real time gaming solutions. They are part of the Integrity Group, which aligns them with such big names as Captain Cook and Casino Kingdom.

All of this combined makes for a positive, fair, and exciting gambling experience for all that come through their doors.

Casino Classic uses the powerful Microgaming software platform. Over the course of several years this platform has won the "Best in Gaming" award for software packages. Users will find that it is one of the fastest to download casino setups.

The entire casino is so user friendly that support is hardly needed. Besides the blazing speeds at which it downloads, the games move at real time speeds, no lagging when you are playing. This makes Casino Classic one of the top casinos on the web.

Casino Classic has a special new feature that is embedded into their software. This paycheck type system allows players to actively track all data for the casino. So if you have been playing a particular slot then the feature will track the win/loss ratio of the entire time that you are playing.

This is a highly important feature for the serious gamer. Each dollar that you spend is tracked to the highest level possible. You can easily find where you have won and where you have lost. This gives you the information that you need to plan a straight attack gaming strategy and keep your winnings safe.

Casino Classic is one of the few casinos that allows players to use the casino money to try the software out. This is not a play money situation. Casino Classic gives the new players each $500 to play with for 60 minutes.

At the end of the 60 minutes the winnings that you have will be transferred to your real account. There are certain terms and restrictions that do apply. However, you are given the unique opportunity to try the casino with no risk to your personal finances. This is something that very few casino properties are doing.

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Whenever you deposit with Casino Classic you are getting top level security just like you would expect with a great casino. You do not have to worry about your money or credit card information. All parts and data are safe with the high encryption methods that are in place with this particular casino.

Casino Classic with Microgaming is no slouch in the games department. You can see that by using this particular software they have managed to bring a huge number of games to the table. This means that you have more choices as to where to spend your money when you are playing.

The casino itself sports more than 195 games total. This includes the slots, video poker, table and parlor games for the entire property. As you can see this is triple what other casino properties are offering at this time. Furthermore, Microgaming is always planning another new game.

Whether it be table or a new live action slot, you will find that several times a year a new game or two is added to the software. Casino Classic is also big on the progressives. They have countless slot machines that offer progressive jackpots which are ever growing in prize size.

This means that your chances of a big win are even higher the more that you play these machines.

The level of customer support through Casino Classic is great. They have several contact methods in place as well as a comprehensive FAQ to answer most questions. When you query through live chat you will be connected to a friendly representative who will ensure that you are happy with your gaming experience.

Players are often surprised that a casino could have such a great reputation but Casino Classic is known to surpass expectations all the time. They are aligned with one of the most well known groups in the world. They have a solid financial past, which means fast payouts and none of the problems that you get with the rouge casinos out there.

Our Opinion
Casino Classic is a solid gaming platform. Because they use the best in software, pay their players promptly and always keep the support rolling in, they have endeared themselves to a whole new level of gamblers. Each year they are attracting and retaining a new set of players who have completely dedicated themselves to this high class casino.

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